Lisa Mclean


Lisa is a visionary leader with a proven track record of steering companies towards sustainable growth and innovation. With an illustrious career spanning over 30 years, she has a wealth of expertise in recruitment and a keen understanding of market dynamics.

Before joining RGF Staffing UK, Lisa held senior positions at prestigious recruitment organisations, where she demonstrated exceptional leadership prowess, driving strategic initiatives that propelled these businesses forward.

She has been instrumental in taking a healthcare recruitment brand and orchestrating its expansion through both organic growth and strategic acquisitions in temporary and permanent markets.

Additionally, Lisa was pivotal in rejuvenating and repositioning a prominent staffing entity. Under her guidance, the business underwent a comprehensive rebranding while significantly expanding its reach and services across temporary, contractual, and permanent job markets.

As the CEO of RGF Staffing UK, Lisa is dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence, driving operational efficiencies, and sparking innovation. She leads by example, inspiring teams to surpass objectives and deliver unparalleled value to customers and stakeholders.

Outside her professional sphere, Lisa proudly embraces her Yorkshire roots. She has a deep passion for the outdoors, often seen riding her horses or exploring the Yorkshire countryside with her 3 dogs.