As a staffing company we operate in an increasingly digital world in which response time is crucial. In order to meet the expectations of our clients and candidates, we need to be agile. IT solutions that fit our principles 'Simpler, faster and closer to you' are pivotal. Our Dutch brand USG People, one of the largest staffing agencies in the Netherlands, recently implemented a prime example of smart software: Mysolution.

With Mysolution, USG People and all its subsidiary brands are able to execute the entire core process within one IT environment: from request to placement and from timesheets to pay and invoicing. In combination with software solution DaVinci and backed up by a large amount of data, Mysolution also makes it possible to predict with much more certainty how well a particular candidate matches with a given job profile. With these features USG People is capable to respond much more quickly to client’s and candidate’s requests.

Standardized solution offers many advantages

USG People opted for a single IT solution for the entire organization, because a standardized solution offers many advantages in terms of efficiency, service and cost reductions. Caspar Kosse – Operational Services en IT Services – and Dominique Dingjan, program manager IT-project OPEN: "Every employee has access to the same database, and the data they generate can give us unique insights.” "Because this data is real time, we can act more quickly. Lead times are therefore considerably shorter, our work is much more efficient and every authorized user has quick and easy access to the right data", says Dominique. 

Caspar Kosse and Dominique Dingjan

The standardized process not
only speeds up the matching process but also boosts the quality. "We have developed a matching technology that runs
on the data that is made
available in Mysolution," says Caspar. Dominique: "By using
big data we can analyze which candidate profiles have proved successful in specific career paths."

Time gained used to focus on 'human touch'

The time that USG People gains from using this new way of working is used by the organization to focus on the 'human touch', so it offers clients and candidates much more added value.

Michael Whitmer, Global CIO RGF Staffing: “The new infrastructure has allowed us to further simplify and digitalize our technology footprint which creates a strong focus on the "human touch thru tech". As well, it drives business value via a best in class experience for our clients and candidates as an intermediary in work.

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In the Netherlands, several companies are taking innovative steps to increase diversity and inclusive hiring in the workplace. We are proud to say that our own company, Unique, an employment placement agency in the Netherlands, implemented an ambitious effort to guard against unconscious bias.

During the "Week of the Anonymous CV", age, gender, origin, dates and name were eliminated from resumes being evaluated by their clients. The only information the consultants of Unique gave to the hiring managers was the person's experience and education. Unique was seeking to give more attention to the skills, experience, and educational attributes of a candidate for a position; not the factors that may exclude qualified candidates based on bias.

Diana_Magielsen_UniqueUnique's Operational Director, Diana
Magielsen, expressed her thoughts on discrimination poignantly: "At Unique we
want to take a stand against distrust,
prejudice, stereotyping and exclusion. Unfortunately, discrimination is a persistent social problem that we cannot solve alone.
But when organizations are determined to reflect society's diversity, we can make a valuable contribution." 

Fostering a culture of inclusion

Recruit Group seeks to challenge the cultural meanings that people apply to one another - intentionally or unconsciously. We believe empowering a diverse team of people to pursue their passions, guided by equality
in the workplace, is the best way to
strengthen any team. 

Inclusivity is integral to successful organizations

When actions are taken to promote inclusive and sustainable workplaces, the results demonstrate the benefits of diversity in the workplace and its social impact. Our mission is to help people achieve their passions, regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disability. And in doing so, inclusivity becomes an integral element of successful organizations. Inclusivity allows businesses to benefit from having the most skilled employees on their teams, generating a wealth of diverse ideas and avenues toward growth.

RGF Staffing is subsidiary to Recruit Holdings. Read more on Sustainability at Recruit Holdings.
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Recruit Holdings has presented its Annual Report 2019. In the report, the CEO of Recruit Holdings and the heads of the strategic business units of Recruit Holdings give an insight in the performances this year, and share their vision on topics that are important to Recruit Holdings.

Rob Zandbergen, CEO of Recruit Global Staffing and head of the Staffing SBU, shares his vision on how Recruit Global Staffing can contribute to society by creating a smart and agile organization:

“Our operational priority — productivity improvement — will be realized through the leveraging of our strong local market positions with a clear focus on value over volume, driven by our Unit Management philosophy. This applies not only to our existing products and services, but also will help guide us as we work to establish new revenue streams. This strategy, together with our empowered employees, will strengthen our competitiveness while supporting the transformation of the Staffing SBU into an agile, technology-driven business to meet job seekers’ and enterprise clients’ needs and to have an increasingly meaningful impact on them.”

Download full annual report 2019 PDF:
You can find Rob Zandbergen’s message on page 59. 


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Start People France, a Recruit Global Staffing company, has registered an outstanding score in an independent, annual evaluation of sustainable companies. Ecovadis, which provides procurement professionals with sustainability ratings of suppliers, awarded Start People a score of 81%, placing the company among the most sustainable 1% of temporary staffing agencies in the country.

A real, positive impact

The Ecovadis assessment looks at a wide range of sustainable topics, including environmental performance, HR practices, business ethics and responsible purchasing. The score awarded to Start People France confirms that it is having a real, positive impact on the lives of employees, clients and the community.

Training temporary employees

One area in which Start People France excels, is its commitment to training temporary employees, boosting their long-term employability while at the same time meeting their current employer’s needs. 80% of the company’s training plan budget is allocated to training temporary employees.

In 2018, special efforts were also made to improve the employability of young people (18-30) and disabled candidates. Through special recruitment campaigns, training sessions and awareness initiatives Start People France managed to hire and place more than 1,100 disabled temporary workers.

For more information on Start People France’s philosophy and the personal experience of Damien Sedrick, a disabled worker who found permanent employment thanks to the support he received, see the report on the Recruit Holdings website.

Recruit Global Staffing is a strategic business unit of Recruit Holdings. Read more on Sustainability at Recruit Holdings.

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Recruit Global Staffing respects, celebrates, and capitalizes on each other’s differences, such as diversity in nationality, race, religion, gender, age, disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, and more. We strive to close the opportunity gap. That is why we fully support the Week of the Anonymous CV of Unique, one of our brands in the Netherlands.

A recent study by Unique shows that an initiative like the Week of the Anonymous CV is needed urgently. In a survey by Unique, 56% of Dutch employees responsible for HR indicate that personal data always play a certain role in the application process. Despite the fact that they may not want this to be the case. The survey was held among 620 HR-employees.

A foreign sounding name

Age discrimination is particularly common: 4 out of 10 interviewees sometimes did not invite someone because of age. This is followed by place of residence, photo, gender and origin. 

Week of the Anonymous CV

To draw attention on discrimination consultants of Unique during the Week of the Anonymous CV will only use CVs that are stripped of personal data. By focusing on work experience, talent and motives of the applicants, Unique wants to hold up a mirror to Dutch society. The first Week of the Anonymous CV took place in October 2018.

Equal opportunities

Diana Magielsen, Operational Director of Unique: “With our second Week of the Anonymous CV we want to make people think twice and trigger a change in mentality. We believe that everyone should have equal opportunities on the labour market. By removing the personal data from the CVs Unique wants to show that people and their talents and ambitions are the most important. We don’t tolerate discrimination based on personal data.” 

Keep the conversation going

Magielsen: “We consider this a very important social issue. We feel a strong obligation to address it. The Week of the Anonymous CV helps us to keep the conversation going and to create awareness for the importance of diversity and inclusiveness. Having to go against the tide is a confirmation that this week is desperately needed. And we like to take that pioneering role!”

Download the infographic with the key figures of the Week of the Anonymous CV here (Dutch only).

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Economies are running at full speed, the number of vacancies continues to grow and employees have the luxury of choosing from several employers. Our brands Start People the Netherlands and Advantage Resourcing (US) have both published reports on the major trends in today’s rapidly changing labour market.

A huge challenge

The tight labour market is obviously a major theme in both trend papers. As Start People’s report states: "The labour market was already tight in 2018, and it’s expected this will not change in 2019. Every organisation looking for new employees will therefore face a major challenge.” Advantage Resourcing points to a study by Korn Ferry which estimates that the worldwide talent shortage will reach about 85 million people with needed skills by 2030. But what does this imply for organisations?


Although Start People the Netherlands and Advantage Resourcing are mainly active in their respective countries, their trend papers focus not only on the changes in the local labour markets, but on the global labour market as well. The brands not only register the upcoming changes, they also provide tips on how organisations can conquer today’s challenges.

Artificial Intelligence

Start People the Netherlands predicts the final breakthrough of artificial intelligence in recruitment and selection as one of the major trends for 2019. "Artificial intelligence can provide organisations with insights into regional labour markets, helps to optimise vacancy descriptions and can even predict a candidate’s learning agility.” But with the rise of artificial intelligence, the need for what Start People calls the ‘human touch’ in recruitment and selection is also growing.

Other trends according to Start People:

  • The need to build a strong employer brand and to invest in current employees as brand ambassadors
  • As two new generations enter the labour market (Millennials and Generation Swipe), organisations need to be more transparent and adapt to these generations’ requirements, ideas and values. 
  • Employees take more responsibility for their own career development.
  • Departments dissolve as more flexible team structures emerge.

Read Start People's full trend paper here (Dutch only).

Keep the people you already have

As employees take on more responsibility for their own career development, Advantage Resourcing emphasises the urgent need for organisations to act. Employers are advised to 'update their employee referral programme', 'manage their online reputation', and ‘be decisive on job offers'.

As their report states: "With a limited supply of talent, it's important to keep the people you already have. While many studies report that most employees leave their jobs for better-paying positions, a Work Institute report showed that career development opportunities, work-life balance, and poor management are consistently the real issues that spur employees to leave.”  

Other trends according to Advantage Resourcing:

  • The growing impact of online reviews
  • Candidates are increasingly turning down (or not responding to) job offers
  • Wages continue to rise
  • Job rotation is at an all-time high

Read the Advantage Resourcing study here.

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Perceptions of what it takes to be a modern leader, are changing. Nowadays, soft skills are seen as vital for leaders to run an organisation successfully. Great leaders instil a positive culture, engage their staff, build a strong relationship with their workers and have a communicated and valid strategic direction and vision for their organisations.

These are the main lessons in a recent study by Chandler Macleod. Between November 2016 and March 2018 6267 Australians were assessed via an online survey. The key question of Chandler Macleod’s research was ‘what distinguishes good leadership from great leadership?’

Soft skills have emerged

The willingness and capacity of leaders to drive and shape culture is seen as the most crucial way to achieve success and effectiveness. ‘Vision & Future’, and ‘Relationship Building’ were the other two most frequently reported success factors. ‘It is interesting to note that what may have once been described as soft or fluffy skills have emerged as the most important success factors for leadership success’, Chandler Macleod concludes.

No one size fits all

Perhaps not surprisingly, perceptions of leadership success vary among different groups of workers. For example, the younger the worker, the more importance was placed on a leader’s presentation skills. Older workers tend to place more value on a leader’s ability to focus on the company’s financial success. But among all generations, culture and staff engagement was reported the top success factor. The researchers also found that there was essentially no gender difference in how successful participants perceived their leaders to be.

Implications for practice

So what are the practical implications of these perceptions on leadership? Chandler Macleod suggests that ‘what were once perceived as soft skills are becoming increasingly critical to organisations and leadership success’. ‘While vision and future focus can be seen as a fundamental, it’s a leader’s ability to effectively drive and shape culture that can make or break an organisation.’

Identify leaders at early stage

Organisations should identify leaders with such qualities at the selection and recruitment stage, suggests Chandler Macleod. ‘Incorporating specific questions at interviews, assessing capability via psychometric testing and asking targeted reference checking questions are relatively easy and cost-effective ways to ensure organisations are adequately addressing these success factors prior to making any important selection decisions.’

Furthermore, coaching should be utilised to help leaders build upon their communications and interpersonal skills.

Read the paper here (isuu)

[Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash]
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After more than 13 years of supporting local charities, The CSI Companies charitable giving division, CSI Gives Back, was granted official nonprofit status.

“We have a role beyond providing jobs and supporting our clients, and it’s to help out in the communities we live,” said Chris Flakus, Chief Operating Officer of The CSI Companies. “And now with our newly established official nonprofit status we can accomplish so much more.”

Recent efforts

Recent efforts made by CSI Gives Back raised more than 6,000 dollar for the American Lung Association at its Lung Force/Walk. The organization also raised more than 13,000 dollar at its seventh annual charity auction benefitting Dreams Come True, a wish-granting organization dedicated to using the power of a dream to bring hope and joy to children battling a life threatening illness.

More than 60,000 dollar in 2018

In 2018, CSI Gives Back raised more than 60,000 dollar in support of organizations such as Dreams Come True, American Lung Association, High School 9:12, Team HEAL, Habitat for Humanity, Hunger Fight, Rethreaded and more. To learn about CSI Gives Back and its initiatives, visit

Becky Lowry as new director

The CSI Companies appointed Becky Lowry as the director of the newly created philanthropic foundation. Becky will lead community service initiatives supported by The CSI Companies and its staff, focused initially on Jacksonville and its surrounding communities. CSI Gives Back will expand into four other major metro areas where The CSI Companies has offices: Orlando, Tampa, Nashville, and Atlanta.

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Start People The Netherlands makes smart use of digital tools to quickly collect, structure and categorise vacancies, CVs and other data in order to advise and support both candidate and client even more successfully.

300,000 CVs analysed

Together with two leading Dutch universities (University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam), Start People analysed 300,000 CVs using machine learning. The results make it possible to predict career paths and successful career switches. For example, it appears that sales employees often function well as customer service employees and that drivers often make a successful transition to a position as security officer.

Accelerating and optimising processes

The study is just one example of how Start People uses digital resources to accelerate and optimise recruitment process. Keyword analyses are combined with artificial intelligence to improve vacancy texts and algorithms highlight promising training opportunities. And the success rate of a recruitment campaign can be predicted and closely monitored.

Human Touch remains key

Although technology and digitalization simplify and improve processes, Start People believes that the 'Human Touch' remains essential. Human insights and the intermediary’s intuition are key to making the perfect match. Does a candidate fit within a certain corporate culture and a team? Questions like this can only be answered with the right Human Touch.

Find out more in Start People’s trend paper

These and other examples of how humans and technology interact can be found in the new trend paper 'Faster towards the right candidate - How digitalization makes recruitment more personal than ever'. The trend paper can be downloaded via this link (Dutch only).

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