The search for suitable people who can administer a vaccine has been going on for a while in The Netherlands. The Dutch vaccination program takes place via the various Municipal Health Services (GGD). USG People The Netherlands, part of the RGF Staffing family, has now offered not only to supply the staff, but also to help with planning, training and coordination.

Assistance to GGD locations

USG People The Netherlands already works closely with the national GGD and currently provides personnel to about half of the GGD locations. In addition to those who can administer a vaccine, another 4,000 people work at the GGD through USG People The Netherlands, including doctors, contact tracing researchers, team leaders, administrative support and samplers. USG People The Netherlands also has the capacity to train 1,000 people a week to administer vaccinations. Marion van Happen, COO at USG People The Netherlands: “Together with the GGD, we are doing everything we can to structurally provide the locations with the right personnel, including setting up a joint call center to keep the overall personnel planning on track. It’s of critical national importance that the vaccination program runs as efficiently as possible.”

Side by side

Because of the current coronavirus measures, millions of Dutch employees have been working from home as much as possible since the start of the outbreak in March 2019. USG People The Netherlands wants to work together with other parties to get the Dutch back to work as soon as possible. Van Happen: “Every day we receive many applications from people who offer themselves for jobs in healthcare. It's fantastic to see that there are so many who want to put their expertise to work or are willing to re-educate and help in the fight against corona. For example, we are seeing a large shift of hospitality workers who are now working in corona test streets. At the moment we have a large group of authorized vaccination employees ready to vaccinate the country’s population.”

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Due to the widespread outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 many people around the world are insecure about their own health and that of their loved ones, as well as about their jobs. That is why it’s more important than ever for employers to create a working environment in which people feel safe and cared for. Being a good employer is a cornerstone of RGF Staffing’s strategy and day-to-day business, so we were proud to learn that four of our companies in Belgium have been recognized as a ‘Great Place to Work’.

Start People Best Employer in Belgium

Start People Belgium Best Place To Work 2020Four of our organizations in Belgium were recognized as ‘Great Place To Work 2019’ by Europe’s Best Place to Work® Institute. In the category ‘Companies with more than 500 employees’ Start People finished first, after
5 consecutive top-10 rankings. Ann Martens, General Manager Start People Belgium: “I’m extremely proud and honored that our employees voted Start People as the number
1 Best Workplace in Belgium!"

"Our permanent focus on transparent communication has certainly paid off. We encourage all our employees to express themselves in any way possible. We also involve them in important decisions. The combination of our hands on result driven mentality and the celebration of large and small company successes is our secret to a great company culture.” 

Bright Plus awarded for the eighth time 

Bright Plus Belgium Grate Place To Work 2020

Bright Plus was named one of the best workplaces in Belgium by the Great Place to Work Institute ending up in fifth place. This honor has now been awarded to them eight times. Linda Cappelle, General Manager
Bright Plus: “We’re honored to have received this recognition for the eight time because especially in times like these, it is important
to take care of one another and to be there
for our employees. In that lies the strength of Bright Plus: our employees make all the difference. They are the ‘Plus’ in Bright Plus. We empower them and give them the opportunity to shape their own future. By encouraging each and every one of them to show initiative and intrapreneurship, we enable all our colleagues to contribute to a better working environment.”

Unique Belgium and Solvus

Unique Belgium renewed their Great Place To Work certificate for the 3rd year in a row. Solvus is certified for the fourth time. Katty Scheerlinck, Country Director USG People Belgium: “We are very excited and proud that all four of our companies in Belgium have been recognized as a Great Place to Work. Every day, our colleagues and management teams invest in an inspiring workplace, where people are encouraged to create their opportunities for development. In these tough times, connectivity is even more important for all our people. Obviously we fully comply with privacy regulations, but within those boundaries we’re doing everything we can to stay in touch and cultivate strong connections with our employees, clients and candidates.”

Rob Zandbergen, CEO RGF Staffing: “Especially in these difficult times it is more important than ever to be a great place to work and to take care of each other. I would like to thank all our employees for their dedication and hard work and for the wonderful recognition they have given us as an employer.”

How the list is compiled

The list of best employers is compiled annually by the Great Place To Work® Institute based on an in-depth analysis of the corporate culture and the level of trust between employer and employees. Two-thirds of the overall score is determined by the staff while one-third is based on a detailed analysis of the HR policy and corporate culture by the Great Place To Work® Institute.

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As a staffing company we operate in an increasingly digital world in which response time is crucial. In order to meet the expectations of our clients and candidates, we need to be agile. IT solutions that fit our principles 'Simpler, faster and closer to you' are pivotal. Our Dutch brand USG People, one of the largest staffing agencies in the Netherlands, recently implemented a prime example of smart software: Mysolution.

With Mysolution, USG People and all its subsidiary brands are able to execute the entire core process within one IT environment: from request to placement and from timesheets to pay and invoicing. In combination with software solution DaVinci and backed up by a large amount of data, Mysolution also makes it possible to predict with much more certainty how well a particular candidate matches with a given job profile. With these features USG People is capable to respond much more quickly to client’s and candidate’s requests.

Standardized solution offers many advantages

USG People opted for a single IT solution for the entire organization, because a standardized solution offers many advantages in terms of efficiency, service and cost reductions. Caspar Kosse – Operational Services en IT Services – and Dominique Dingjan, program manager IT-project OPEN: "Every employee has access to the same database, and the data they generate can give us unique insights.” "Because this data is real time, we can act more quickly. Lead times are therefore considerably shorter, our work is much more efficient and every authorized user has quick and easy access to the right data", says Dominique. 

Caspar Kosse and Dominique Dingjan

The standardized process not
only speeds up the matching process but also boosts the quality. "We have developed a matching technology that runs
on the data that is made
available in Mysolution," says Caspar. Dominique: "By using
big data we can analyze which candidate profiles have proved successful in specific career paths."

Time gained used to focus on 'human touch'

The time that USG People gains from using this new way of working is used by the organization to focus on the 'human touch', so it offers clients and candidates much more added value.

Michael Whitmer, Global CIO RGF Staffing: “The new infrastructure has allowed us to further simplify and digitalize our technology footprint which creates a strong focus on the "human touch thru tech". As well, it drives business value via a best in class experience for our clients and candidates as an intermediary in work.

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Stacey Lane, Jennifer Prospero and Leonie Belonje have been named to Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA) Global Power 150 Women in Staffing list. SIA first launched the list in 2015 to celebrate the most influential women in staffing. Today, the list includes a mix of female leaders, from CEOs and entrepreneurs to division heads, technologists and attorneys.

Stacey Lane is executive VP of field operations at Staffmark Group, Jennifer Prospero is CFO at Staffmark Group. Leonie Belonje is Chief Human Resources Officer at USG People The Netherlands. Staffmark Group and USG People The Netherlands are part of RGF Staffing. 

Stacey Lane and Jennifer ProspereLane and Prospero played key role in formation Staffmark Group

Both Lane and Prospero were instrumental in the formation of Staffmark Group, one of the largest staffing companies in the United
States. Staffmark Group was formed after the integration of Advantage Resourcing and Staffmark, two national staffing companies with multiple brands. 

During the integration, Lane created a multi-brand field executive team, reorganized geo-based business units across all brands, and consolidated real estate, while Prospero spearheaded the integration of support services, including converting processes and technology systems. Both worked tirelessly to harmonize the brand and cultures to form one team working toward a common goal. 

Belonje holds various roles in the staffing industry

Leonie BelonjeLeonie Belonje held various leadership roles within USG People including most recently as director of HR, social and legal affairs. Belonje is Vice President of the Dutch
Federation of Private Employment Agencies. In that role, her expertise has been sought after concerning the collective labor agreement for all temporary workers in the Netherlands. Belonje is also a board member of the World Employment Confederation. 

‘They lift up their teams trough a passionate focus’

“I am proud of Stacey, Jennifer and Leonie’s many accomplishments,” said Rob Zandbergen, CEO of
RGF Staffing. “This recognition from SIA shows that they
play an important role in bringing value to the workforce solutions ecosystem, elevating not only the bottom line for their organizations but lifting up their teams through a passionate focus on employee development and creation of positive & inclusive cultures in which talent thrives. We are fortunate to have them on board!”

To find out more about Staffmark Group, visit

To find out more about USG People The Netherlands, visit


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At Recruit Global Staffing, job satisfaction and a good private work balance are of paramount importance. We support a long, happy and healthy work life for our (temporary) employees and contribute to the sustainable employability of our workforce.

Learn more about our sustainability program.

What is sustainable employability?

The simple definition: creating the right conditions for employees to have a long, healthy and happy career. By ensuring someone enjoys working, is healthy and motivated, he or she remains employable for a long time. And that in turn contributes to the achievement of goals of the organisation.

Walter Gietman, training manager at our Dutch brand USG People, has been training flex workers for the temporary employment sector for some time now. He explains: “We’ve noticed that an employee who receives the right training, personal attention and care, usually stays with an organisation for three times longer.”

Major shift in mindset

The focus on sustainable employability requires a major shift in the mindset and strategy of organisations. “Sustainable employability of personnel is not only the way forward from a human perspective, but also from an organisational perspective”, says Gietman. The USG People manager calls it a classic win-win situation. “Personal attention, training and development are essential to connect employees and to keep them interested. Make sure that people (continue to) have sufficient pleasure and challenge in their work.”

The following 5 points illustrate how an employer or manager can embrace and enable sustainable employability:

1. Sustainable employability is here to stay

Looking to the future – an ageing population, flexibilisation of work, robotisation - it is clear that sustainable employability is not a temporary hype. Gietman emphasises that the focus on sustainable employability must therefore be embedded in an organisation’s, policy, strategy and DNA. 

2. Recognise talent in your own organisation

A common scenario: a company is looking for a new employee with specific skills and starts searching outside the company for new talent. It might well be a waste of resources, says Gietman. “There is often a lot of talent in the company who would like to have the opportunity to fulfil this new role and who have (or can develop) the right skills and competences. This means employers need to know what talent the organisation already has and how they can manage it effectively Gietman: “Make sure you keep a conversation going with your employees on how they see the future, what makes them really happy, and build on that by stimulating their talent.”

3. Keep talking, every day

Don't focus on periodical performance and evaluation interviews - although they are necessary - but be aware that you often learn more about people in a 'spontaneous' setting. If employees sense that every day is a good time for a conversation, you will get to know them better and be much more up to date with how they feel. And when you sit down for a formal discussion: put the employee in the driver’s seat. What do they want to contribute? How do they experience their work? The starting point is not the goals of the department or organisation, but the personal ambitions of the employee. 

4. Be aware of the ROI of sustainable employability

Motivated employees who like their job, who are good at it and are confident, rarely call in sick and usually stay at your company for a long time. The return on investment (ROI) that this generates is many times more than the time you 'spend' on formal and informal discussions. Research shows that the return of investment is three times the amount an organisation invests.

5. Keep the big picture in mind

Sustainable employability starts with looking at each individual, but be aware of the overall benefits. These include higher quality of production, improvement of work performance, a better working atmosphere, higher productivity and organizational efficiency, prevention of sick leave and accidents, lower health costs, a strong employer brand and and less staff turnover.

First aid for sustainable employability

Once you have embraced sustainable employability, how do you start as a manager? How do you give positive feedback? USG Restart, member of USG People The Netherlands, offers organisations first aid on this topic. Gietman adds: “'Training temporary workers is no longer sufficient, it starts with discovering talent. USG People offers organisations the opportunity to become acquainted with the USG talent scan, customised training courses and coaching of talent.”

Read the full article on (Dutch).   

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Four of our organisations in Belgium have been recognized as ‘Great Place To Work 2019’ by Europe’s Best Place to Work® Institute.

In the category Companies with fewer than 500 employees Secretary Plus finished third. Unique and Solvus were also certified in this category. Start People ended fifth in the category ‘companies with more than 500 employees’.

‘An extra boost'

Solvus, Unique, Start People and Secretary Plus are all part of USG People Belgium, subsidiary to Recruit Global Staffing. Katty Scheerlinck, Country director of USG People Belgium: “I’m very proud of my colleagues and our organisation. More importantly for me, this recognition is based on how our colleagues experience our initiatives to create a great workplace in practice. Our focal point is on being a place where management is trusted and employees are proud of what they do and enjoy being with their colleagues. Their appreciation provides an extra boost to continue along the chosen path.”

Our people are the key drivers

Rob Zandbergen, CEO of Recruit Global Staffing: “I’m very happy to see that our operating companies’ continuous efforts to be an attractive employer are effective and appreciated by our employees. After all, our people are the key drivers of our success.”

How the list is compiled

The list of best employers is compiled annually by the Great Place To Work® Institute based on an in-depth analysis of the corporate culture and the level of trust between employer and employees. Two-thirds of the overall score is determined by the staff while one-third is based on a detailed analysis of the HR policy and corporate culture by the Great Place To Work® Institute.

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A brand new look and a clear focus on employees, flex workers and its own role as employer: these are the ingredients of a new website launched by USG People Belgium, one of the country’s largest HR service providers.

As Katty Scheerlinck, Country director of USG People Belgium points out: “We are proud to give future employees and interested parties an insight into USG People Belgium and its brands.” USG People Belgium is ‘an ecosystem’ of eleven companies, such as Unique, USG Professionals, Solvus, Start People and Secretary Plus. Scheerlinck: “We are a multi-brand story that encompasses different needs, ambitions and aspirations. Both of our clients, candidates and employees.”

USG People Belgium:

icon-prioritize-145x145 More than 1,100 employees    employees More than 25,000 flex workers

icon-bet-on-passion  More than 6,500 customers    headquarter More than 170 offices


Connecting candidates and companies

“A job is more than a way to earn money. It's about connecting candidates and companies and creating opportunities for everyone involved. We contribute to the values of our stakeholders by focusing on passion, adding social value and creating opportunities for everyone involved”, says Scheerlinck.

About USG People Belgium

USG People Belgium is part of Recruit Global Staffing, one of the world’s largest HR service providers and active in Australia, Asia, Europe and North-America.

Take a look at the new website at
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The Dutch HR service provider USG People is proud to announce the launch of its new website. On the new website, USG People puts the spotlight on people (‘It is people that matter'), both the employees of USG People as well as the temporary employees who work through the organisation.

100,000 people

Meaningful work and prospects for people and companies - that's what gives USG People satisfaction. As the new website points out: "Digitalisation and technological developments have an disruptive effect on work and jobs. That’s why it’s more important than ever to keep the labour market in good health. Our mission is crystal clear: each year we want to help 100,000 people find meaningful jobs, with 10,000 employers. That's why we focus entirely on our most valuable asset: people.”


About USG People

USG People Netherlands is a leading HR service provider in the Netherlands, incorporating brands such as Start People, Unique, USG Professionals and Secretary Plus. USG People Netherlands is part of Recruit Global Staffing, one of the world's largest HR service providers with activities in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. Every day more than 400,000 employees work via the Recruit Global Staffing network.

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Rob Zandbergen, CEO Recruit Global Staffing, recently gave an interview on the Dutch radio show ‘BNR Zakendoen’. In the twenty-minute interview with host Thomas van Zijl and entrepreneur Marja Ruigrok he addressed different developments in the labour market, as well as our company’s strategy.

Listen to the whole conversation (in Dutch only). The interview with Rob Zandbergen starts at 11.30 minutes.

‘Economies are performing well’

In the discussion Zandbergen shines his light on the current state of the economy. "In all of our markets there is a shortage of personnel and a strong demand for temporary workers. I think that is a good sign. It indicates that many economies are performing well.”

Recruit Global Staffing

Zandbergen also explained why USG People changed its name after the acquisition by Recruit Holdings, and that in spite of the name change, the short-term impact of the takeover is limited. “Recruit Holdings is not so much a Japanese company, as a global entity. And since it’s mainly a financial holding company, its business operations retain a lot of freedom to make their own decisions.” Recruit Holdings consists of three strategic units: HR Technology, Media & Solutions, and Staffing (Recruit Global Staffing). In Europe USG People still exists in four countries with underlying brands.

Artificial Intelligence

"After the takeover we’re ready for the future, that's the most important aspect," says Zandbergen. A future in which artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role. "AI ensures that we can be more productive. Especially in key parts of the recruitment process. But the human touch will always remain. Finding the exact right match remains a people business.”

One step ahead

Zandbergen also gives an insight into Recruit Global Staffing, such as strategy. "We only acquire companies if they add value to our organisation. We are not going to buy for the sake of it. We wait until the right moment.” Regarding new, disruptive competitors on the staffing market Zandbergen said: "An interesting development. I think we will always be one step ahead because of our decades-long experience with people, and because of our expertise in bringing candidates and organisations together.”

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A healthy mind in a healthy body!

USG People Belgium not only makes sure that the employees are doing well, but takes care of others too. In October, employees of Start People, Unique, USG Professionals, Secretary Plus and Solvus embarked on a walk for charity, which will total 40,000 kilometres by the end of the year. A walk around the earth, basically!

Walking keeps you fit, but obviously that is not the only reason USG People Belgium is doing this. As a company we feel it’s important to make a meaningful contribution to society. The walking project is an excellent way to combine exercise with charity.

10,000 euros to Alzheimer's research

If we manage to reach the 40,000 kilometres together, USG People Belgium will donate 10,000 euros to 'Stichting Alzheimer Onderzoek' (Alzheimer’s Research Foundation) during the ‘Warmste Week Music for Life’, an annual fundraiser in Belgium. 

Alzheimer’s Research Foundation is the only foundation in Belgium that focuses specifically on funding scientific research into Alzheimer’s disease and other brain disorders.

Young dementia

In general, people think about dementia and Alzheimer’s as diseases that only affect the elderly. Recently, however, more attention has been paid to Alzheimer's among young people, with dementia occurring before the age of 65 and often as young as 50. The problems in this age bracket are often very different from those of the very elderly.

Young dementia attacks people in the prime of their lives. As they face loss of memory, as well as of the ability to plan, organize and assess, their professional and private lives are greatly affected.

As a company we feel it’s important to make a meaningful contribution to society
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