How an international staffing network and strong mutual commitment deliver unique insights in the global market? Together with Chandler Macleod Group (Asia Pacific), Staffmark Group (USA) and The CSI Companies (USA) we joined forces. Our joint research led to interesting insights in the staffing markets in the Asia-Pacific region and the US. The results can contribute to a stronger position for companies worldwide during these challenging times and in the future.

Meeting staffing needs

In order to meet their business goals companies are more than ever before looking for smart staffing solutions that keep them agile at times when demand and supply chain fluctuate sharply. They expect staffing companies to offer them those solutions and help them find high-quality, diverse candidates. 

Many companies are seeing an increased need for contingent-to-perm placement candidates to help meet their changing staffing needs. Nearly half of them expect to use a staffing agency to fill those contingent-to-perm placement roles after the COVID-19 pandemic (an increase compared to pre-pandemic levels). Employers depend on staffing agencies to deliver quality leads and quickly meet their staffing needs during this confusing time. Throughout the pandemic, hiring managers continue to use staffing businesses to fill temporary positions and rely on staffing agencies to recruit, check, screen, interview and qualify candidates.

Adaptation and new ways of working

To relieve the pressure on clients and ensure an effective hiring process, staffing agencies themselves have also had to become more agile. RGF Staffing’s companies quickly adapted to an environment in which remote work is the norm by making regular recruitment methods more digital without losing sight of the human touch.

Get our full report

If you want to learn more about our research and would like to receive the whitepaper Staffing Industry steps up to the challenge of COVID-19, read the full report at our Recruit Global Family members:

Chandler Macleod Group - Get the full report

Staffmark Group - Get the full report [pdf].

The CSI Companies - Get the full report.

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As a staffing company we operate in an increasingly digital world in which response time is crucial. In order to meet the expectations of our clients and candidates, we need to be agile. IT solutions that fit our principles 'Simpler, faster and closer to you' are pivotal. Our Dutch brand USG People, one of the largest staffing agencies in the Netherlands, recently implemented a prime example of smart software: Mysolution.

With Mysolution, USG People and all its subsidiary brands are able to execute the entire core process within one IT environment: from request to placement and from timesheets to pay and invoicing. In combination with software solution DaVinci and backed up by a large amount of data, Mysolution also makes it possible to predict with much more certainty how well a particular candidate matches with a given job profile. With these features USG People is capable to respond much more quickly to client’s and candidate’s requests.

Standardized solution offers many advantages

USG People opted for a single IT solution for the entire organization, because a standardized solution offers many advantages in terms of efficiency, service and cost reductions. Caspar Kosse – Operational Services en IT Services – and Dominique Dingjan, program manager IT-project OPEN: "Every employee has access to the same database, and the data they generate can give us unique insights.” "Because this data is real time, we can act more quickly. Lead times are therefore considerably shorter, our work is much more efficient and every authorized user has quick and easy access to the right data", says Dominique. 

Caspar Kosse and Dominique Dingjan

The standardized process not
only speeds up the matching process but also boosts the quality. "We have developed a matching technology that runs
on the data that is made
available in Mysolution," says Caspar. Dominique: "By using
big data we can analyze which candidate profiles have proved successful in specific career paths."

Time gained used to focus on 'human touch'

The time that USG People gains from using this new way of working is used by the organization to focus on the 'human touch', so it offers clients and candidates much more added value.

Michael Whitmer, Global CIO RGF Staffing: “The new infrastructure has allowed us to further simplify and digitalize our technology footprint which creates a strong focus on the "human touch thru tech". As well, it drives business value via a best in class experience for our clients and candidates as an intermediary in work.

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At Recruit Global Staffing, job satisfaction and a good private work balance are of paramount importance. We support a long, happy and healthy work life for our (temporary) employees and contribute to the sustainable employability of our workforce.

Learn more about our sustainability program.

What is sustainable employability?

The simple definition: creating the right conditions for employees to have a long, healthy and happy career. By ensuring someone enjoys working, is healthy and motivated, he or she remains employable for a long time. And that in turn contributes to the achievement of goals of the organisation.

Walter Gietman, training manager at our Dutch brand USG People, has been training flex workers for the temporary employment sector for some time now. He explains: “We’ve noticed that an employee who receives the right training, personal attention and care, usually stays with an organisation for three times longer.”

Major shift in mindset

The focus on sustainable employability requires a major shift in the mindset and strategy of organisations. “Sustainable employability of personnel is not only the way forward from a human perspective, but also from an organisational perspective”, says Gietman. The USG People manager calls it a classic win-win situation. “Personal attention, training and development are essential to connect employees and to keep them interested. Make sure that people (continue to) have sufficient pleasure and challenge in their work.”

The following 5 points illustrate how an employer or manager can embrace and enable sustainable employability:

1. Sustainable employability is here to stay

Looking to the future – an ageing population, flexibilisation of work, robotisation - it is clear that sustainable employability is not a temporary hype. Gietman emphasises that the focus on sustainable employability must therefore be embedded in an organisation’s, policy, strategy and DNA. 

2. Recognise talent in your own organisation

A common scenario: a company is looking for a new employee with specific skills and starts searching outside the company for new talent. It might well be a waste of resources, says Gietman. “There is often a lot of talent in the company who would like to have the opportunity to fulfil this new role and who have (or can develop) the right skills and competences. This means employers need to know what talent the organisation already has and how they can manage it effectively Gietman: “Make sure you keep a conversation going with your employees on how they see the future, what makes them really happy, and build on that by stimulating their talent.”

3. Keep talking, every day

Don't focus on periodical performance and evaluation interviews - although they are necessary - but be aware that you often learn more about people in a 'spontaneous' setting. If employees sense that every day is a good time for a conversation, you will get to know them better and be much more up to date with how they feel. And when you sit down for a formal discussion: put the employee in the driver’s seat. What do they want to contribute? How do they experience their work? The starting point is not the goals of the department or organisation, but the personal ambitions of the employee. 

4. Be aware of the ROI of sustainable employability

Motivated employees who like their job, who are good at it and are confident, rarely call in sick and usually stay at your company for a long time. The return on investment (ROI) that this generates is many times more than the time you 'spend' on formal and informal discussions. Research shows that the return of investment is three times the amount an organisation invests.

5. Keep the big picture in mind

Sustainable employability starts with looking at each individual, but be aware of the overall benefits. These include higher quality of production, improvement of work performance, a better working atmosphere, higher productivity and organizational efficiency, prevention of sick leave and accidents, lower health costs, a strong employer brand and and less staff turnover.

First aid for sustainable employability

Once you have embraced sustainable employability, how do you start as a manager? How do you give positive feedback? USG Restart, member of USG People The Netherlands, offers organisations first aid on this topic. Gietman adds: “'Training temporary workers is no longer sufficient, it starts with discovering talent. USG People offers organisations the opportunity to become acquainted with the USG talent scan, customised training courses and coaching of talent.”

Read the full article on (Dutch).   

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Start People France, a Recruit Global Staffing company, has registered an outstanding score in an independent, annual evaluation of sustainable companies. Ecovadis, which provides procurement professionals with sustainability ratings of suppliers, awarded Start People a score of 81%, placing the company among the most sustainable 1% of temporary staffing agencies in the country.

A real, positive impact

The Ecovadis assessment looks at a wide range of sustainable topics, including environmental performance, HR practices, business ethics and responsible purchasing. The score awarded to Start People France confirms that it is having a real, positive impact on the lives of employees, clients and the community.

Training temporary employees

One area in which Start People France excels, is its commitment to training temporary employees, boosting their long-term employability while at the same time meeting their current employer’s needs. 80% of the company’s training plan budget is allocated to training temporary employees.

In 2018, special efforts were also made to improve the employability of young people (18-30) and disabled candidates. Through special recruitment campaigns, training sessions and awareness initiatives Start People France managed to hire and place more than 1,100 disabled temporary workers.

For more information on Start People France’s philosophy and the personal experience of Damien Sedrick, a disabled worker who found permanent employment thanks to the support he received, see the report on the Recruit Holdings website.

Recruit Global Staffing is a strategic business unit of Recruit Holdings. Read more on Sustainability at Recruit Holdings.

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Recruit Global Staffing respects, celebrates, and capitalizes on each other’s differences, such as diversity in nationality, race, religion, gender, age, disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, and more. We strive to close the opportunity gap. That is why we fully support the Week of the Anonymous CV of Unique, one of our brands in the Netherlands.

A recent study by Unique shows that an initiative like the Week of the Anonymous CV is needed urgently. In a survey by Unique, 56% of Dutch employees responsible for HR indicate that personal data always play a certain role in the application process. Despite the fact that they may not want this to be the case. The survey was held among 620 HR-employees.

A foreign sounding name

Age discrimination is particularly common: 4 out of 10 interviewees sometimes did not invite someone because of age. This is followed by place of residence, photo, gender and origin. 

Week of the Anonymous CV

To draw attention on discrimination consultants of Unique during the Week of the Anonymous CV will only use CVs that are stripped of personal data. By focusing on work experience, talent and motives of the applicants, Unique wants to hold up a mirror to Dutch society. The first Week of the Anonymous CV took place in October 2018.

Equal opportunities

Diana Magielsen, Operational Director of Unique: “With our second Week of the Anonymous CV we want to make people think twice and trigger a change in mentality. We believe that everyone should have equal opportunities on the labour market. By removing the personal data from the CVs Unique wants to show that people and their talents and ambitions are the most important. We don’t tolerate discrimination based on personal data.” 

Keep the conversation going

Magielsen: “We consider this a very important social issue. We feel a strong obligation to address it. The Week of the Anonymous CV helps us to keep the conversation going and to create awareness for the importance of diversity and inclusiveness. Having to go against the tide is a confirmation that this week is desperately needed. And we like to take that pioneering role!”

Download the infographic with the key figures of the Week of the Anonymous CV here (Dutch only).

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Peoplebank, Asia Pacific’s leading talent solutions provider, has been named an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) for 2019. This marks the 7th consecutive year the company has been recognised for its initiatives to drive gender equality. 

The WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation is intended to inspire, recognise and endorse active commitment to accomplishing gender equality in Australian workplaces.

Passionate about learning and development programs

Peoplebank creates an inclusive environment for its employees by enabling flexible working options across the organization, regardless of gender or parental status. On top of this Peoplebank is passionate about learning and development programs which allow all employees equal opportunities to stand out and advance their career within the business.

Furthermore, there are strong initiatives to eliminate unconscious bias in the hiring process. For example, Peoplebank’s candidates, contractors and clients benefit from the company’s use of a job ad ‘gender decoder’, to ensure gender neutral job ads.

Peoplebank also gives full support to employees who want to run events which aim to aid awareness and change in gender diversity, particularly concerning attracting and excelling women in the IT industry.

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Australia is in the middle of an important transition from fossil fuel-based energy systems to more renewable energy options. At its current rate, it is on track for a goal of 50% renewable electricity by 2025. The transition also creates job opportunities. As the workforce manager for a huge solar project in North West Victoria, Chandler Macleod Group is making sure that these opportunities benefit the local community.

Australia’s top solar spot

In 2018, Chandler Macleod Group (CMG) was appointed as the workforce management provider for a new 112 Megawatt Karadoc Solar Farm being constructed by Beon Energy Solutions. Remotely located in North West Victoria - Australia's top solar spot due to the state's highest solar exposure and average sunshine hours - the farm will generate enough power to supply 110,000 homes.

Prioritizing social value

Chandler Macleod Group was tasked with recruiting and employing a diverse and strictly local workforce of 300 people. Chandler Macleod Group partnered with six local community groups to ensure that the majority of the construction workers were locally sourced, and that people were from a variety of different backgrounds including female, indigenous and mature workers and the long-term unemployed.

Read the full story at Recruit Holdings. 

Recruit Global Staffing is subsidiary to Recruit Holdings. Read more on Sustainability at Recruit Holdings

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Economies are running at full speed, the number of vacancies continues to grow and employees have the luxury of choosing from several employers. Our brands Start People the Netherlands and Advantage Resourcing (US) have both published reports on the major trends in today’s rapidly changing labour market.

A huge challenge

The tight labour market is obviously a major theme in both trend papers. As Start People’s report states: "The labour market was already tight in 2018, and it’s expected this will not change in 2019. Every organisation looking for new employees will therefore face a major challenge.” Advantage Resourcing points to a study by Korn Ferry which estimates that the worldwide talent shortage will reach about 85 million people with needed skills by 2030. But what does this imply for organisations?


Although Start People the Netherlands and Advantage Resourcing are mainly active in their respective countries, their trend papers focus not only on the changes in the local labour markets, but on the global labour market as well. The brands not only register the upcoming changes, they also provide tips on how organisations can conquer today’s challenges.

Artificial Intelligence

Start People the Netherlands predicts the final breakthrough of artificial intelligence in recruitment and selection as one of the major trends for 2019. "Artificial intelligence can provide organisations with insights into regional labour markets, helps to optimise vacancy descriptions and can even predict a candidate’s learning agility.” But with the rise of artificial intelligence, the need for what Start People calls the ‘human touch’ in recruitment and selection is also growing.

Other trends according to Start People:

  • The need to build a strong employer brand and to invest in current employees as brand ambassadors
  • As two new generations enter the labour market (Millennials and Generation Swipe), organisations need to be more transparent and adapt to these generations’ requirements, ideas and values. 
  • Employees take more responsibility for their own career development.
  • Departments dissolve as more flexible team structures emerge.

Read Start People's full trend paper here (Dutch only).

Keep the people you already have

As employees take on more responsibility for their own career development, Advantage Resourcing emphasises the urgent need for organisations to act. Employers are advised to 'update their employee referral programme', 'manage their online reputation', and ‘be decisive on job offers'.

As their report states: "With a limited supply of talent, it's important to keep the people you already have. While many studies report that most employees leave their jobs for better-paying positions, a Work Institute report showed that career development opportunities, work-life balance, and poor management are consistently the real issues that spur employees to leave.”  

Other trends according to Advantage Resourcing:

  • The growing impact of online reviews
  • Candidates are increasingly turning down (or not responding to) job offers
  • Wages continue to rise
  • Job rotation is at an all-time high

Read the Advantage Resourcing study here.

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An increasing number of foreign students in Japan take up temporary work at Japanese companies while in school, according to a recent study by Recruit Staffing. But after graduation, finding a job often proves difficult. ‘Japaning’ can help them.

Trend Forecast Presentation Session

Recruit Staffing presented the social trend during the annual Trend Forecast Presentation Session, an event that parent company Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. has been organising since 2010. At the event Recruit Holdings proposes solutions for the labour market and addresses social issues while interacting with clients and users.

15 percent more foreign students

Recruit Staffing found that the number of undergraduate and postgraduate foreign students in Japan has been increasing, and saw a significant increase of nearly 15 percent between 2015 and 2017. Many of these students develop and prepare themselves for a career after graduation by working at Japanese companies while still at university.

Finding a job after graduation is not easy

Such work experience is very valuable, since finding a suitable job in Japan after graduation is not easy. Although 85 percent of foreign students are willing to work in Japan after graduation, only 36 percent of them find a job. Some of the biggest challenges they face during their job hunt are communicating in Japanese, and understanding the Japanese corporate culture as well as complex business etiquettes.

By working for Japanese companies while still at school, students can increase their chances of success. However, the study showed that many students worry about whether they can balance working and studying and whether they can find a job which matches their skills and future career.


Recruitment companies in Japan have addressed this trend by developing services to support both foreign students as well as Japanese companies who are looking for work-ready people, regardless of their nationality. This service, called Japaning, provides foreign students with wider opportunities. For example, in addition to sales and customer service roles, they may also be able to take up administrative positions. In total 500 foreign students at around 120 companies are employed through Japaning, since it was launched in 2015.

[Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash]

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Peoplebank has started on a journey to become Asia Pacific’s leading talent solutions provider. Peoplebank wants to have reached this goal by 2021.

‘Close to the summit’

Peoplebank’s CEO Peter Acheson calls this mission ‘a journey to a distant summit’. “We have the opportunity to transition from a very good company to a great company.” In an inspiring video Acheson asks the employees of Peoplebank and subsidiary company Porterallen ‘what they would do if they were close to scaling their summit’.

The lighthouse brand

By 2021 Peoplebank wants to be the lighthouse brand in Asia Pacific’s staffing industry. The company aims to be the chosen thought leader in talent solutions, an established provider in SOW and MSP/RPO, with a reputation for having the most dedicated, knowledgeable and professional employees in the market.

‘Open and enthusiastic’

In a world reshaped by technology Peoplebank seeks to further increase its interactions with its brand and to distribute more talent solutions content across digital marketing channels. Acheson: “We see a potential in Peoplebank and in our employees. We can reach our summit if all of us stand up with open and enthusiastic hearts and take the necessary steps to reach your own extraordinary potentials.”

Peoplebank’s 3 year plan to become Asia Pacific’s leading talent solutions provider inspired Acheson in directing a motivating video for the company.

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